New CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Anime Coming in 2018

I remember when the first Cardcaptor Sakura anime came to the US in the 1990’s. It was a great show with fun characters and magic. What more could a kid ask for? Well, we’re getting a sequel series that sets the characters in middle school. This series will be called Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc. The Sakura Cards have turned blank and lost all of their powers. Naturally, this means Sakura needs to go on a quest to get to the bottom of things. She won’t be alone though. She’ll have her guardians Cerberus and Yue along with her friends! The series is slated for release on January 7, 2018, in Japan and will feature the original cast. Are you excited to hang out with Sakura and the gang again? Check out the promotional art below.


Check Out BLEACH Creator Tite Kubo’s Take on DRAGON BALL Characters

Image by Zantutzuken

Image by Zantutzuken

Tite Kubo is the man behind Bleach which is a great manga, albeit one of the most convoluted stories I’ve ever read. Back in 2003, he did an interview where we learned that he had a deep love and appreciation for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z  which were created by Akira Toriyama. He even mentions how the villains are “incredibly cool.”

I don’t mean that I disliked the heroes’ side. I just liked the villains. Starting with the aforementioned Tao Pai-pai, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa, Zarbon, Dodoria, Ginyu, Recoom, and of course, Freeza… Once you start writing the names, there’s no end. It’d be harder to find a villain that I dislike.

Pretty much all of them had a screwy aspect to their personalities, but that just made their strength and their fearsomeness stand out all the more (the biggest collection of such was probably Majin Boo). They were truly so cool that you’d get chills. And, precisely because the villains were so cool, when they were defeated, they would carry out their greatest role, which was to emphasize the heroes’ coolness. To this day, I’ve never experienced a shock from any battle comic surpassing the scene where Trunks first appears, and I surely never will.

Now take a look at his take on some of the characters from this classic manga. It includes Piccolo, Vegeta, Zarbon, Recoome, Tao Pai-pai, and Trunks. Five out of six have been the villain and either died or became heroes. All six look pretty cool. Now I’m not sure why Zarbon and Recoome are included instead of Freiza and Ginyu or Cell and Majin Buu, but they look great. Each of the characters has a dead-on facial expression and it makes me want to watch Dragon Ball.


Those with eagle eyes may notice some similarities between some of these characters and Kubo’s characters from Bleach. For instance, Piccolo’s face may remind you of Zaraki, or Trunks’ may look a bit like Ichigo’s. Do you spot any other similarities?

Miss Sinister Delivers Stunning Cosplay of Asajj Ventress From STAR WARS: CLONE WARS


Asajj Ventress is a cool character in the Star Wars universe that was first introduced in the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series in 2003. She is introduced as a new Sith that becomes the apprentice of Count Dooku. She wields two lightsabers and is able to hold her own in a fight. Then, Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2008 delved more into her character and she became even cooler after leaving Count Dooku’s side. Well, the cosplayer Miss Sinister (who we’ve featured before as Sagat from Street Fighter) has done a phenomenal cosplay as the Sith warrior. The makeup is amazing, the costume is well done, and her poses are perfect.

Photos by Affliction Cosplay Photography. Costume by GSTQ Fashions. Lenses by Samhain Contact Lenses. Lightsabers by Travis Wood and Sublime LightWorks.











This Horror Short Film HOSPICE Guarantees You Won’t Work Alone at Night

We recently shared a short horror film called Whisper that used Amazon’s Alexa to creep you out. This week we’ll have one called Hospice that will make you not want to ever work in a healthcare situation alone. Hospice was written and directed by Alexander Babaev and is really good for those looking for a little spooky shot to enjoy. Also, the last line is probably the icing on the cake.

Josh Hutcherson Recalls The Time He Accidentally Farted On Tom Hanks


For those that don’t know, The Hunger Games was not Josh Hutcherson’s big break in Hollywood. Actually, and I doubt very many people know this to begin with, Hutcherson played the kid in the CGI animated film The Polar Express alongside the legend Tom Hanks. Since you’ve read the title already, you know why mentioning that is so important. Luckily, Hutcherson’s incident didn’t blacklist him in Hollywood, but it is kind of hilarious the two have never starred in another film together since. Hear the story below, and imagine farting on one of your heroes in the comments below. 

Show Your Support for the First Order with this Purse


Do you have a loathing for the Rebellion? Do you want to join the First Order? Well, you can show your support for the First Order with a stylish flap purse. The purse gets its design from the new Executioner Stormtroopers from Star Wars: The Last Jedi with its sleek black and white design. Half of the flap looks just like half of a stormtrooper’s mask and the First Order insignia is in the corner. This officially-licensed purse is made of simulated leather and has a fabric lining to be soft against your belongings. Those pesky rebels will know you mean business as you go around town with this beauty. You can get your purse over at Think Geek now! It also makes a great present for the holiday season.

Photos Courtesy of Think Geek


Contestants Try to Climb Oiled Stairs in Japanese Game Show Clip


Japanese game shows are some of the weirdest things one can find on the internet. I still remember watching a clip of one where the people had to become Tetris pieces to not get knocked down into a pool of something. Well, there’s a new clip circulating the internet where 6 contestants dressed in latex bodysuits try climbing a set of stairs that have been lubed up to make the journey more difficult. Now the first thing I saw was the Power Rangers. The only difference is that instead of a Black Ranger, they have an Orange Ranger. All the other colors check out. That being said, this is just as ridiculous as you might imagine with the contestants getting close and then slipping and taking down half of the competition with them. The saddest part for me is when the blue person gets to the top and then slips down. The best part of this video though is definitely the sound effects when people slip and fall. What’s the craziest game show clip you’ve seen?

The Millennium Falcon is Now Part of a Balanced Breakfast

No, not the actual starship seen in the best movies ever made, but rather waffles that look like that ship from the best movies ever. There are waffle irons for everything these days. Death Star? Check. BB-8? Check. But now we get to eat the Millennium Falcon in under 12 parsecs (yes, I know that joke doesn’t really work here). The details on this waffle iron are surprising. I honestly was imagining a waffle iron in the shape of the Falcon from Star Wars, with the normal waffle marks and everything. However, it looks like this iron is a little different. The waffle foregoes the usual grid marks for other details such as a Rebel insignia on top and holes and bevels throughout to create a more detailed look. If you’re a fan of the Star Wars vessel that can do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, this is the perfect way to start your morning.

Photos courtesy of Amazon.



A Grilled Cheese Toaster Officially Exists And We’re Experiencing The Pinnacle Of Human Achievement


How much would you spend to have a grilled cheese every day of your life with little hassle? A million dollars? I don’t doubt it. Fortunately, this $25 Grilled Cheese Toaster is cheap enough for the common man to live like a king as it makes a grilled cheese all while toasting the bread. 

There’s even a drip pan at the bottom to catch all that runoff cheese and butter grease! Seriously, this thing is like the pinnacle of human achievement, and now that I know it exists, I don’t think I can go back to making grilled cheese the traditional way. Check out the video below, and if you’re looking to order one, click here.