STRANGER THINGS Gets a Radical SESAME STREET Parody Called “Sharing Things”


For those of you who have been wondering when we would finally see Sesame Street parody Netflix’s Stranger Things… it’s here, and it’s awesome! The parody is called “Sharing Things” and this is the brief synopsis:

The Cookiegorgon has eaten everything in the Snackside Down and is still hungry! Will he learn how to share, or will he continue wreaking havoc on the kids in town by eating all their treats? Tune in to find out!

This parody is in all seriousness complete greatness! It’s an amazingly fun parody that is an incredible tribute to the pop culture phenomenon. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’re gonna love this! It’s a cleverly made parody that lands all the jokes and nails all of the things that we love about the show. Enjoy!