This Drivable Replica of Adam West’s Batmobile Complete with Bat-Scope is For Sale!


Adam West’s Batman is known for being really campy (but typically in a fun way). If you are a fan of that era of Batman, you may be interested in owning a 1985 Chevrolet Batmobile Movie Car. According to the description it is, “1 of the authentic Gotham garage Bat-mobiles produced. complete with working bat-scope bat phone flame thrower Shutes.” That’s right, if this is an accurate description you can have a car with a bat-scope! Who doesn’t want one of those? It’ll cost a 199,500 and is located near Sarasot, FL. Would you like to own this car? Which Batmobile do you want to own? I want the one from Batman: The Animated Series personally.


Used-1985-chevrolet-Batmobile-Movie-car (1).jpg