Jennifer Lawrence And Adam Sandler Discuss Why They Don’t Read Their Film Reviews

It’s always hard to read other people’s opinions of your work. No one knows that better than actors although you may not actually fully understand just how much until you hear Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler talk about reviews of their films. 

For Lawrence, her most recent film was particularly interesting because she says she wasn’t able to let her film go (Mother!) after it was released due to her relationship with director Darren Aronofsky, so it was a little torturous for her this time around than in past films. 

Sandler, whose been making movies way longer with far less stellar reviews, said he stopped reading his reviews after Billy Madison. That’s kind of a shame because he’s made some very solid films in that time, but he’s also made some really critically panned films so I can’t say that I blame him. Check out the two discuss the process below and get an insight into the lives of actors.