Mark Hamill Says Luke Just Meant To Scare The Wampa in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Not Dismember It


Its one of the most iconic sequences from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke hanging from the ceiling of an ice cave on the surface of Hoth, about to become the meal of the ferocious Wampa. Luckily, the young Jedi trainee was able to use the force to grab his lightsaber and slice and dice his way out of the chilly death hole. But according to actor Mark Hamill, he never thought his character was going to dismember the wild creature.

Hamill revealed this bit of information as he responded to a tweet about a cake shaped like a severed wampa’s arm. He explained that while filming The Empire Strikes Back, he was told that Luke would just singe the wampa’s fur in and scare it off. But it wasn’t until later that he learned how Luke actually ended up chopping the poor animal’s arm off.

If you actually go back and watch the infamous scene it makes perfect sense, Luke merely flicks his lightsaber at the Wampa, a movement that would imply a less devastating blow. But then the scene jumps to another shot of the severed arm dropping to the ground. We never actually, you know, see it being properly cut off.  Here is the scene: