Take a Look at This Wonderful Series of Unreleased HARRY POTTER Cover Art From Olly Moss


The artist Olly Moss has released some cover art for the Harry Potter e-books. Most of these awesome designs have not been used, but Moss seemed really excited when he shared his artwork on Twitter:

Moss has previously done alternate movie posters such as this awesome Star Wars poster. We have also been able to look at the Hogwarts series of these book covers as posters. However, we have not seen the Optical Illusions, Heraldry, Illustrated, and Silhouettes series.


The Optical Illusions covers display iconic objects from the book when seen as thumbnails (remember these were designed for e-books and not print) but when blown up they show a hidden image. Out of the few thumbnails we see, I think Goblet of Fire is my favorite.


Then we have the Heraldry series. Moss includes an image of a more detailed version, but I think I prefer the simpler ones. Although all of the thumbnails say Philosopher’s Stone, I think it’s easy to tell which cover belongs with each book. Also, each image features a lightning bolt. Can you find them all?

Third, we come across the Silhouettes family of covers. Each one is a silhouette of Harry from the year he’s in. The pictures tend to age as Harry would. Then, inside the silhouette is a picture that is iconic to the book such as Hagrid and Harry in Diagon Alley for Philosopher’s Stone.


Finally, we have Illustrated. This seems to be the second image from the Silhouette but more fleshed out due to having more cover space. Moss likes having hidden imagery in his art and this is no exception. In the description for this style of cover, Moss says, “[e]ach one incorporating hidden, graphic elements. For example, the lightning bolt revealed in the negative space of the Diagon Alley rooftops.”

These covers are amazing. Which series is your favorite?