This Latest STRANGER THINGS Fan-Made Short THE 12TH SEARCH Takes Place in England


I’ve got a great new fan-made short film for Stranger Things called The 12th Search that you’ve got to check out. What I like about this is that it takes place in a small town in England. Basically, the short imagins that Hawkins, Indiana isn’t the only place in the world where experiments involving the Upside Down are taking place. In this short, there’s a portal to the upside Down discovered near the Rendlesham Forest in the United Kingdom. Here’s a description of the story:

In 1984 the upside down is spreading to military research centre’s across the pond. The town folk of Rendlesham, England are conducting their 12th search in the forest for one of many recent disappearances. Unfortunately on this night one of the searchers discovers what is taking these victims.

The short was directed by Ryan Thompson, who says:

“I am a massive fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things and wanted to make a short fan film to show my admiration for the show. I wanted to treat it almost like a spinoff set in England showing a connection between these research facilities around the world and the spread of the upside down as well as adding a new creature to the universe.”

Now, watch the short and tell us what you think!