Watch EPIC NPC MAN Amusingly Illustrate the Problem with Micro Transactions

Micro Transactions are not a new topic. They have been in the spotlight more recently because of EA’s terrible misuse of them in Star Wars Battlefront II. In short, gamers don’t want to spend $60 on a game and not have all of the content readily available. That’s not to say they don’t want to have to unlock things, but it shouldn’t take you 40+ hours to unlock one character. Multiply that by more than one and you have a much bigger problem. Then there’s the fact that you could just buy that same character for additional money and we’re adding insult to injury as we have now created a pay-to-win system that is no fun for anyone. There’s more to it, but that should be enough to get you the basics.


To help illustrate how ridiculous this system is and how microtransactions are getting out of hand, Viva La Dirt League created an episode of Epic NPC Man around this idea. The adventurer goes to continue his quest when an NPC informs him that he must pay real money for it, or spend hours upon hours grinding to get the in-game currency needed. More things happen that he is informed will require even more real-world money to deal with.