Listen To Sun Tzu’s THE ART OF WAR With Music From The Wu-Tang Clan In The Background

Have you ever wanted to read Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War, but had trouble getting through the first few pages? If you’re a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, that won’t be an issue any longer. Someone mashed up a bunch of the rap group’s instrumentals with an audiobook, and it’s absolutely glorious. I’m already nine minutes in and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! I’m not sure I’ll make it the full two hours, but I’m definitely going a lot further than I have in the past! See how far you can make it and post below.  

Amazon Is Running A Sale On All Anime Today Only!


If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves anime this holiday season, Amazon is the place to be today! The website is hosting a one-day sale on a bulk of anime titles, and they’ve got some killer deals on hot titles you would do well to look into. Here are a couple of my favorites that stuck out to me.

There are some more titles on there worth checking out, so be sure to visit Amazon’s landing page for the sale and find that perfect stocking stuffer for the weaboo in your family!

Watch Rainn Wilson & Angela Kinsey Share An OFFICE Reunion On CONAN

Rainn Wilson & Angela Kinsey don’t get together often, but when they do its confusing. Kinsey, who played a character named Angela on The Office, is constantly confused by whether or not the people screaming her name when she’s out with Rainn Wilson are people she legitimately knows, or they’re just fans of the show. Listen to Kinsey talk about it below and watch Wilson sit there in silence below. 

Jennifer Lawrence And Adam Sandler Discuss Why They Don’t Read Their Film Reviews

It’s always hard to read other people’s opinions of your work. No one knows that better than actors although you may not actually fully understand just how much until you hear Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler talk about reviews of their films. 

For Lawrence, her most recent film was particularly interesting because she says she wasn’t able to let her film go (Mother!) after it was released due to her relationship with director Darren Aronofsky, so it was a little torturous for her this time around than in past films. 

Sandler, whose been making movies way longer with far less stellar reviews, said he stopped reading his reviews after Billy Madison. That’s kind of a shame because he’s made some very solid films in that time, but he’s also made some really critically panned films so I can’t say that I blame him. Check out the two discuss the process below and get an insight into the lives of actors. 

Don’t Understand Net Neutrality? Watch This Scene From THE MATRIX

Net Neutrality has been a hot-button issue on the internet for quite a while now, but sometimes it can be hard to understand why you should care about a free internet when all people do is constantly scream its a bad thing. For those that need a visual representation of what’s actually going on, this scene from The Matrix will explain it all. Thanks to Clint Beastwood for explaining exactly who is trying to kill Net Neutrality, and showing us how we can be Neo and stop this thing!

Watch Tom Hardy Do A Lot Of MMA And Kickboxing To Prepare For VENOM


Tom Hardy is doing a lot of MMA and kickboxing training in preparation for his role as Eddie Brock in Venom, and even though I have no clue what that has to do with the role or the character, I’m excited to see him strut his stuff in some symbiote! In this video, Hardy’s trainers talk about his level of dedication to the role and tease he’s going to play “One of the darkest, most powerful super-villains that Marvel has ever created.”

It will certainly be interesting to see as a whole movie about Venom feels like a stretch, but if it’s all a lead up to an encounter with Spider-man I’m absolutely all for that showdown! Check out the video of Hardy below, and show some appreciation for his hard work and dedication below.

Netflix Drops Haunting Trailer For John Hillcoat’s BLACK MIRROR Season 4 Episode “Crocodile”

On the heels of one Season 4 trailer for Black Mirror, we get another! That’s no big deal, of course, considering each episode is a stand-alone product, but I do have one issue. Netflix is teasing the hell out of Season 4…but offering no release date as to when we can expect to see it! What the hell guys?! Do you just want to torture us? I need my sweet sci-fi stories that make me feel uncomfortable for days following!

Check out the trailer for Crocodile below, and once again be frightened with the future we could one day live in.

Crocodile was directed by John Hillcoat (The Road, Lawless) and stars Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Bloodline), Andrew Gower (Outlander), and Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered By My Father).

Turn Your Kid Into A Sith This Christmas With This Charred Darth Vader Helmet


Looking for that great piece of geek decor to adorn your home? Maybe you just want to give your child something that will one day make him stab you in the stomach with a lightsaber? If that’s the case, Hot Toys has the perfect replica collectible for you!

Advertised to be the same size as the helmet in the film, this charred version of Vader’s helmet is sure to cause any person not up on geek culture a sense of worry and concern this holiday season. Hot Toys hasn’t given a price on this bad boy yet, but you gotta think this one won’t be cheap.

What would you pay to own this thing?

Josh Hutcherson Recalls The Time He Accidentally Farted On Tom Hanks


For those that don’t know, The Hunger Games was not Josh Hutcherson’s big break in Hollywood. Actually, and I doubt very many people know this to begin with, Hutcherson played the kid in the CGI animated film The Polar Express alongside the legend Tom Hanks. Since you’ve read the title already, you know why mentioning that is so important. Luckily, Hutcherson’s incident didn’t blacklist him in Hollywood, but it is kind of hilarious the two have never starred in another film together since. Hear the story below, and imagine farting on one of your heroes in the comments below. 

A Grilled Cheese Toaster Officially Exists And We’re Experiencing The Pinnacle Of Human Achievement


How much would you spend to have a grilled cheese every day of your life with little hassle? A million dollars? I don’t doubt it. Fortunately, this $25 Grilled Cheese Toaster is cheap enough for the common man to live like a king as it makes a grilled cheese all while toasting the bread. 

There’s even a drip pan at the bottom to catch all that runoff cheese and butter grease! Seriously, this thing is like the pinnacle of human achievement, and now that I know it exists, I don’t think I can go back to making grilled cheese the traditional way. Check out the video below, and if you’re looking to order one, click here.