Watch EPIC NPC MAN Amusingly Illustrate the Problem with Micro Transactions

Micro Transactions are not a new topic. They have been in the spotlight more recently because of EA’s terrible misuse of them in Star Wars Battlefront II. In short, gamers don’t want to spend $60 on a game and not have all of the content readily available. That’s not to say they don’t want to have to unlock things, but it shouldn’t take you 40+ hours to unlock one character. Multiply that by more than one and you have a much bigger problem. Then there’s the fact that you could just buy that same character for additional money and we’re adding insult to injury as we have now created a pay-to-win system that is no fun for anyone. There’s more to it, but that should be enough to get you the basics.


To help illustrate how ridiculous this system is and how microtransactions are getting out of hand, Viva La Dirt League created an episode of Epic NPC Man around this idea. The adventurer goes to continue his quest when an NPC informs him that he must pay real money for it, or spend hours upon hours grinding to get the in-game currency needed. More things happen that he is informed will require even more real-world money to deal with.

Studio Ghibli Fan Recreates the Food From The Anime Films of Hayao Miyazaki in Real Life


Food is prevalent throughout Studio Ghibli films. It helps tell the story and it looks delicious. One fan decided it looked so delicious they had to make it. Instagram user en93kitchen has posted several photos of the food from these films alongside photos of the same dish in real life. Those must taste so good. I know I want to try these noodles from Ponyo. While a lot of the food appears to be based on Studio Ghibli films, other anime are referenced including the popular Your Name. What food from Studio Ghibli gets you salivating the most?

#en93kitchenのジブリ飯 . #お手本と並べて *. . #崖の上のポニョ . #ハムラーメン . . #宮崎駿 #宮崎駿監督 #ジブリ #ジブリ大好き #ジブリ飯 #アニメ飯 #再現 #ポニョ #ポニョラーメン #ラーメン #おうちごはん #おうちジブリ #暮らし #クッキングラム #デリスタグラマー #サンキュインスタ部 #クックパッド #えん93 #cookpad #lin_stagrammer #delistagrammer #cookingram #ghiblifood #en93kitchen

過去pic. 写真を整理してます* 少しだけ過去pic投稿にお付き合い下さいませ^ ^ . #en93kitchenのジブリ飯 . #お手本と並べて *. . #魔女の宅急便 . #グーチョキパン店 カウンターの上の #クッキー . #ウルスラ が食べてた #チョコデニッシュ . . #ジブリ #ジブリ大好き #ジブリ飯 #アニメ飯 #再現 #おうちごはん #おうちおやつ #おうちジブリ #暮らし #クッキングラム #デリスタグラマー #サンキュインスタ部 #クックパッド #えん93 #cookpad #in_stagrammer #delistagrammer #cookingram #ghiblifood #en93kitchen

#本日 の #朝食 は、. #映画 #君の名は #たまごコロッケサンド . 高木「たまごコロッケサンドにしようぜ」. . 弁当を忘れた #瀧くん(みつは)に、高木と司が自分たちの弁当のあり合わせで作った即席たまごコロッケサンド。. . . #お手本と並べて #en93kitchenのアニメ飯 #新海誠 #新海誠監督作品 #アニメ飯 #君の名は飯 #再現 #完全再現 #おうちカフェ #君の名はごっこ #暮らし #日々の暮らし #暮らしを楽しむ #クッキングラム #デリスタグラマー #サンキュインスタ部 #クックパッド #えん93 #en93kitchen

Take a Look at This Wonderful Series of Unreleased HARRY POTTER Cover Art From Olly Moss


The artist Olly Moss has released some cover art for the Harry Potter e-books. Most of these awesome designs have not been used, but Moss seemed really excited when he shared his artwork on Twitter:

Moss has previously done alternate movie posters such as this awesome Star Wars poster. We have also been able to look at the Hogwarts series of these book covers as posters. However, we have not seen the Optical Illusions, Heraldry, Illustrated, and Silhouettes series.


The Optical Illusions covers display iconic objects from the book when seen as thumbnails (remember these were designed for e-books and not print) but when blown up they show a hidden image. Out of the few thumbnails we see, I think Goblet of Fire is my favorite.


Then we have the Heraldry series. Moss includes an image of a more detailed version, but I think I prefer the simpler ones. Although all of the thumbnails say Philosopher’s Stone, I think it’s easy to tell which cover belongs with each book. Also, each image features a lightning bolt. Can you find them all?

Third, we come across the Silhouettes family of covers. Each one is a silhouette of Harry from the year he’s in. The pictures tend to age as Harry would. Then, inside the silhouette is a picture that is iconic to the book such as Hagrid and Harry in Diagon Alley for Philosopher’s Stone.


Finally, we have Illustrated. This seems to be the second image from the Silhouette but more fleshed out due to having more cover space. Moss likes having hidden imagery in his art and this is no exception. In the description for this style of cover, Moss says, “[e]ach one incorporating hidden, graphic elements. For example, the lightning bolt revealed in the negative space of the Diagon Alley rooftops.”

These covers are amazing. Which series is your favorite?

This Drivable Replica of Adam West’s Batmobile Complete with Bat-Scope is For Sale!


Adam West’s Batman is known for being really campy (but typically in a fun way). If you are a fan of that era of Batman, you may be interested in owning a 1985 Chevrolet Batmobile Movie Car. According to the description it is, “1 of the authentic Gotham garage Bat-mobiles produced. complete with working bat-scope bat phone flame thrower Shutes.” That’s right, if this is an accurate description you can have a car with a bat-scope! Who doesn’t want one of those? It’ll cost a 199,500 and is located near Sarasot, FL. Would you like to own this car? Which Batmobile do you want to own? I want the one from Batman: The Animated Series personally.


Used-1985-chevrolet-Batmobile-Movie-car (1).jpg

Marvel Concept Artist Anthony Francisco Shares Alternate Designs For Loki’s Costume

Over Thanksgiving, while many of us were gathering with our families, we were also given a little treat. Anthony Francisco posted on Instagram showing concept art for much more colorful versions of Loki’s costume for Thor: Ragnarok. Personally, I really like the color schemes going on. Most of them are different from his black, green, and gold and I welcome the change. According to Francisco, he was asked to, “go as bold and colorful as we could.” I believe he accomplished it without going ridiculous and my favorite is the blue and orange one. Which costume do you prefer?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !! Designing #loki costume for #thorragnarok was a fun challenge . We were asked to go as bold and colorful as we could. Channeling Jack Kirby hopefully. I did a bunch of these color variations. Do you guys wanna see them all? It's a lot of misses tho 🙂 ______________________________________ #lokiragnarok #conceptdesign #costumedesign #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #illustration #instyle #tomhiddleston

A post shared by Anthony Francisco (@anthony_francisco_art) on

#lokisakaarian #costume #exploration it's not crazy as my last post but still could be just as unappealing for some. But for me this looked good. I was thinking of a quick simple variation because I have to do a lot of ideas. So for this I know #loki has always had the colors green and yellow (gold is a type of yellow) green was always dominating with yellow underneath . So for this I just switched them , a good technique for a quick idea. But it also represents his feeling of being turned inside out from the loss of his father (sorry spoilers!) You guys go check out @aleksibriclot version of loki design There was one point in our design searching that we needed to make loki a #warrior ______________________________________ #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #costumedesign #conceptart #bananasuit #yellowversion #artbook #thorragnarok #sakaardesigns #fantasy #mcu

A post shared by Anthony Francisco (@anthony_francisco_art) on

This was one of my designs that @andyparkart (my Visual Development Supervisor for the film) sent out to the costume dept as reference when they started to build the costume. Costume designer Mayes Rubio and her team did an exellent job in turning my design into something that you can actually wear! It looked awesome on screen. When we design super hero costumes for the movies we always think of the movement of the actor and what they are doing for the film. This image was made a bit more realistic to hopefully show how this could be achieved. A-symmetry with diagonal rhythms, were my themes that i tried to incorporate in the #sakaar look for #lokiragnarok , this is to represent the idea that we dont know which side he is leaning on, but some parts of his costume is symetrical and has asgardian roots. So even when he looks like he is from sakaar, his heart is asgardian that is why i have that little triangle shape on his chest , which started as an L for loki but tilted to the side and then it just evolved from there. I tried to think of it also as a family Crest or a symbol of his name. He went through some soul searching and in the end he gets back his true colors! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed some of my thought process ! Thanks to everyone that watched #thorragnarok and follow my art! ______________________________________ #fashionista #conceptart #art #design #costumedesign #characterdesign #photoshop #marvelstudios #artbook #comicbookmovies #lokidesign #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #instagood #instart #infashion #trending #tomhiddleston #mcu #marvelstudios #entertainment @twhiddleston @marvel @fawnianewyork

A post shared by Anthony Francisco (@anthony_francisco_art) on

#lokiragnarok – it was a great opportunity for me that they wanted to have a whole new costume look for @twhiddleston Loki! out of the many directions I explored for Loki's costume this was one that the producers liked , it felt the most Loki without being too Asgardian . And from this base I designed his Sakaar costume. I will post more on that so stay tuned ! But if you can't wait, head over to my Facebook page 🙂 Make sure to check out some more Loki designs from @aleksibriclot and more #thorragnarok #conceptart from the rest of gang in the #visualdevelopment Amazing #hela #costumedesigns from @andyparkart Awesome #hulk designs from @ryan_meinerding_art @jwsze memorable key frames #valkyrie #grandmaster costume designs by @constantinesekeris And more from @kortizart @ianjoynerart @rodneyimages Not to mention an abundance of talent in the #marvelfamily that worked on the film!________________________ #lokicostume #characterdesigns #thorragnarok #art #artbook #fantasy #scifi #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #instartist #instagood #fashionista

A post shared by Anthony Francisco (@anthony_francisco_art) on

I am really grateful that @taikawaititi decided to do this version of #lokiragnarok helmet from the comicbooks! It's one of my favorites. I designed this helmet based on one of my favorite comicbooks #xmenasgardianwars ! @adamwross helped me with translating my design in #zbrush which was then sent to @ironhead_studio and from there we went back and forth with notes to guide the process as they finished the physical model. They did an amazing job!! It looked so good on screen. One of the biggest decisions I had to discuss with @andyparkart was having the ears be more seen from the front view and I am glad we did it! even if it's a subtle detail, I feel it helped us stay true to the comic. It was great having him there to be an extra set of eyes! I also did a bunch of color and detail options. How much is too much blue? What shape should that emblem be, that sort of stuff. It definitely was a challenge. _______________________________________ #thorragnarok #lokiragnarok #tomhiddleston #gq #fashionista #helmet #3dmodeling #conceptart #costumedesigns #costume #cdg #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #art #instyle #fashionicon #design #comicbookmovie #marvelstudios #mcu #characterdesign #godofmischief #fantasy @marvel

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New CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Anime Coming in 2018

I remember when the first Cardcaptor Sakura anime came to the US in the 1990’s. It was a great show with fun characters and magic. What more could a kid ask for? Well, we’re getting a sequel series that sets the characters in middle school. This series will be called Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc. The Sakura Cards have turned blank and lost all of their powers. Naturally, this means Sakura needs to go on a quest to get to the bottom of things. She won’t be alone though. She’ll have her guardians Cerberus and Yue along with her friends! The series is slated for release on January 7, 2018, in Japan and will feature the original cast. Are you excited to hang out with Sakura and the gang again? Check out the promotional art below.


Check Out BLEACH Creator Tite Kubo’s Take on DRAGON BALL Characters

Image by Zantutzuken

Image by Zantutzuken

Tite Kubo is the man behind Bleach which is a great manga, albeit one of the most convoluted stories I’ve ever read. Back in 2003, he did an interview where we learned that he had a deep love and appreciation for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z  which were created by Akira Toriyama. He even mentions how the villains are “incredibly cool.”

I don’t mean that I disliked the heroes’ side. I just liked the villains. Starting with the aforementioned Tao Pai-pai, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa, Zarbon, Dodoria, Ginyu, Recoom, and of course, Freeza… Once you start writing the names, there’s no end. It’d be harder to find a villain that I dislike.

Pretty much all of them had a screwy aspect to their personalities, but that just made their strength and their fearsomeness stand out all the more (the biggest collection of such was probably Majin Boo). They were truly so cool that you’d get chills. And, precisely because the villains were so cool, when they were defeated, they would carry out their greatest role, which was to emphasize the heroes’ coolness. To this day, I’ve never experienced a shock from any battle comic surpassing the scene where Trunks first appears, and I surely never will.

Now take a look at his take on some of the characters from this classic manga. It includes Piccolo, Vegeta, Zarbon, Recoome, Tao Pai-pai, and Trunks. Five out of six have been the villain and either died or became heroes. All six look pretty cool. Now I’m not sure why Zarbon and Recoome are included instead of Freiza and Ginyu or Cell and Majin Buu, but they look great. Each of the characters has a dead-on facial expression and it makes me want to watch Dragon Ball.


Those with eagle eyes may notice some similarities between some of these characters and Kubo’s characters from Bleach. For instance, Piccolo’s face may remind you of Zaraki, or Trunks’ may look a bit like Ichigo’s. Do you spot any other similarities?

Miss Sinister Delivers Stunning Cosplay of Asajj Ventress From STAR WARS: CLONE WARS


Asajj Ventress is a cool character in the Star Wars universe that was first introduced in the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series in 2003. She is introduced as a new Sith that becomes the apprentice of Count Dooku. She wields two lightsabers and is able to hold her own in a fight. Then, Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2008 delved more into her character and she became even cooler after leaving Count Dooku’s side. Well, the cosplayer Miss Sinister (who we’ve featured before as Sagat from Street Fighter) has done a phenomenal cosplay as the Sith warrior. The makeup is amazing, the costume is well done, and her poses are perfect.

Photos by Affliction Cosplay Photography. Costume by GSTQ Fashions. Lenses by Samhain Contact Lenses. Lightsabers by Travis Wood and Sublime LightWorks.











This Horror Short Film HOSPICE Guarantees You Won’t Work Alone at Night

We recently shared a short horror film called Whisper that used Amazon’s Alexa to creep you out. This week we’ll have one called Hospice that will make you not want to ever work in a healthcare situation alone. Hospice was written and directed by Alexander Babaev and is really good for those looking for a little spooky shot to enjoy. Also, the last line is probably the icing on the cake.

Show Your Support for the First Order with this Purse


Do you have a loathing for the Rebellion? Do you want to join the First Order? Well, you can show your support for the First Order with a stylish flap purse. The purse gets its design from the new Executioner Stormtroopers from Star Wars: The Last Jedi with its sleek black and white design. Half of the flap looks just like half of a stormtrooper’s mask and the First Order insignia is in the corner. This officially-licensed purse is made of simulated leather and has a fabric lining to be soft against your belongings. Those pesky rebels will know you mean business as you go around town with this beauty. You can get your purse over at Think Geek now! It also makes a great present for the holiday season.

Photos Courtesy of Think Geek