Warner Bros. Is Worried About Marvel’s B-Character Thor Outperforming Their JUSTICE LEAGUE A-Characters

While we wait to see how Justice League performs at the box office this weekend, Warner Bros. is worried that the DC film won't perform as well as Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok. According to an insider, they feel it will be an embarrassment if their A-list DC characters can't outperform a Marvel B-list character like Thor. The insider told THR:

"If a B character from Marvel shut downs and outperforms the A team from DC, that’s an embarrassment. It’s going to be a stressful weekend for some [Warners] execs."

I can totally see where they are coming from, but they have to remember that they knocked it out of the park with Wonder Woman, so they still have that going for them! Justice League was already deep in development by the time Wonder Woman was released, and they obviously tried to make the film better before releasing it. 

One thing that these executives at any studio need to understand is that it's not about A-list or B-list characters. It's about the story that's built around those characters and if they give us a great film that tells a great story no matter what characters are involved, the fans will come and support them! They will make the big money! I think Wonder Woman was a big eye-opener for them in this respect. The report goes on to say:

On the Warners/DC side, the mood is about as jovial as a party thrown by the Joker. While Ragnarok is just the latest in a string of film hits for the Kevin Feige-led Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. is desperately hoping to continue the momentum from its first big success, this summer’s Wonder Woman ($821 million worldwide).

Justice League obviously didn't turn out as well as they would have hoped, otherwise, they would have a much better attitude toward it, and as you can see, they aren't very confident in it. According to inside sources, the studio has higher hopes in James Wan's Aquaman, which comes out next year. 

There's been a long rivalry between DC and Marvel, especially with the fans. The thing is, no matter what happens with Justice League, Warner Bros. and DC are going to be fine. Yeah, the movie may not do as well as they hoped, but in the long run, things will be ok. They got it right with Wonder Woman, and with their new plan in place for future DC films, there's a good chance that everything that's released after Justice League will be better. 

We know that they can make great DC films, Justice League just got caught in the middle of a transition they were trying to make in how they wanted to approach their films. 

Do you think Warner Bros. should be embarrassed if Justice League doesn't perform as well as Thor: Ragnarok

If Ben Affleck Drops Out of THE BATMAN, The Director Reportedly Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Replace Him

Yesterday it was reported that if Ben Affleck ends up walking away from playing The Dark Knight in The Batman, director Matt Reeves already has someone in mind to replace him. Thanks to a recent episode of The John Campea Show, we now know who that actor might be.


Apparently, Reeves wants to cast Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of Batman. Gyllenhaal is one hell of a talented actor so I can see why Reeves might want to cast him. I do have to say, though, it's hard to imagine Gyllenhaal in the role. I know he'd nail it, and I think he'd kick ass as Batman! I'd just have to see it! I'm sure once I saw what Reeves is possibly envisioning, I'll be sold. 

Gyllenhaal actually auditioned for the role of Batman back in 2005 for Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. Then back in 2015, the actor stopped by The Howard Stern Show where he was asked Gyllenhaal how he would have handled the bat-voice. This is how that conversation went down:

Stern: I wonder how you would have played Batman, though. Would you have been like, [deep voice] 'I’m Batman.' Do you change your voice for that or—

Gyllenhaal: No, I would have been like — if you’re hanging a guy by a string, right, and he’s like hanging upside down and you’re in a batsuit, he’d be like, [scared voice] ‘Who are you?!’ and I’d be like, [nonchalant] ‘I’m f—king Batman, you kidding me?’

Stern: Is that what you would have said? ‘I’m f—king Batman?’

Gyllenhaal: I wouldn’t say ‘f—k’ ‘cause it’s PG-13, but—

Stern: It would be cool if they bleeped you. You’d be like, ‘I’m f—king Batman, beep!’ What do you mean, you would have played it like, hey—

Gyllenhaal: 'I mean come on, man, look what I’m wearing!' It’s like, you know what I mean?

Stern: Yeah, but aren’t you trying to scare people as Batman? So wouldn’t you put on an ominous kind of a, [lowered voice] ‘I’m Batman’?

Gyllenhaal: Note to self. Don’t have Howard be your acting coach.

Stern: Is that right?

Gyllenhaal: I don’t know. I don’t know what I would do, and I will never have that opportunity, so I don’t know.

Stern: Maybe you ought to think it through so you’ll get the role the next time.

Gyllenhaal: I should have been on this show a lot earlier!

Well, he might just get that opportunity! When talking about how Gyllenhaal would be brought in to the DCEU, Campea says the story for The Batman could either take place outside of the DCEU shared universe like The Joker origin film in development. It was already rumored that this might be the case. The other option that the studio could go with, is to set the timeline for The Batman earlier on in Batman's crime-fighting career before the event of Batman v Superman. Gyllenhaal is almost 37, so he would obviously be playing a younger version of the character. 

Personally, if Ben Affleck drops out, I think it should just be a standalone film separate from the shared universe. Doing this would be a lot easier than trying to make it fit into the shared universe.

What do you think about the possibility of seeing Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman? 

Skip the Turkey This Year For Thanksgiving and Eat a Facehugger Instead!


My family tends to be pretty traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc. We have experimented a little as the siblings have married and added more traditions and such. For example, a couple years ago we deep fried the turkey. But, I would never have thought of doing something as crazy as this! 

36monsters has crafted an edible Facehugger from the Alien franchise. The body is a roasted chicken, the legs are snow crab (yum!) and the tail is chicken sausage. This looks freaking amazing and sounds even better. As amazing as it looks and sounds though, 36monsters has been told that she’s not allowed to make it for Thanksgiving. Maybe the day after?

If you want, she has been gracious enough to share the recipe on her blog, eatthedead.com.


Disney’s Prince Charming Movie Moves Forward With the Director of WONDER


Stephen Chbosky has signed on to write and maybe even direct Disney’s live-action movie Charming, a re-telling of the Prince Charming folk tale. Variety reports that Chbosky will reteam with the same producing team he worked with on Wonder in which he wrote and directed.

Matt Fogel wrote the first script for the project, which focused on the point of view of Prince Charming’s brother who never quite lived up to the family name.

Chbosky is no stranger to the "Mouse House," as he worked on the screenplay for Disney’s huge live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. He also wrote and directed the 2012 film The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Wonder opens in theaters on Friday. It's an adaptation of the R.J. Palacio novel that tells the story of a boy born with a facial deformity who enters fifth grade. It stars Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay.

Charming is part of Disney’s strategy of using fairytale properties like Maleficent, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast as the basis for live-action movies.

CinemaSins Finally Goes After WONDER WOMAN


Wonder Woman has been out for a while now, and CinemaSins just got around to tackling the problems with it. While most of the sins accrued are really minor, annoying, and nitpicky things, they do raise some valid problems with the movie. For instance, why is everyone speaking English at a German party during World War I!? This is still a fantastic movie and even the team at CinemaSins states:

Wonder Woman was one of 2017's best summer movies. There... I said it. (pause). Now onto its sins...

What's the biggest sin the movie committed in your opinion?

New Trailer for The Crime-Thriller BULLET HEAD Starring Adrien Brody and John Malkovich


Adrien Brody and John Malkovich co-star in funky crime thriller titled Bullet Head, from writer/director Paul Solet. The movie is about three career criminals who end up stuck inside a warehouse after finding money inside. A vicious dog keeps them trapped inside the building. We're getting our first look at the trailer for the movie that stars Brody and Malkovich, along with Antonio BanderasOri PfefferAlexandra DinuVelizar BinevOwen Davis, and Cristina Segovia

The movie seems to have a decent cast, but will it be a decent movie? You be the judge:

Zachary Levi Compares SHAZAM! to Tom Hanks’ Classic Film BIG

I love Zachary Levi. Ever since I saw him on Chuck, he became one of my favorite actors and one of my idols. Him being cast in Shazam is probably the reason I will see that movie. I also love the Tom Hanks' classic film, Big. The story of a boy who magically becomes an adult but with the mind of the child is just something I’ve felt I can relate to. That’s why I got excited when Levi mentioned to KTLA 5:

“The hope is that it’s gonna feel like the movie ‘Big’, but with superpowers... So, you’re gonna have the heart of that kind of Tom Hanks of the kid in you."

If they can pull this off (and I don’t doubt Levi’s acting ability on this) it is sure to be a hit. As more details unfold, I become more and more excited to see how Shazam! turns out. You can watch the video below of Levi sharing the insight.

Shazam is being directed by David Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) and it slated for April 5, 2019.

Sean Astin Shares His Experience In Growing Up In Hollywood And His Friendship With Corey Feldman

There's no avoiding Hollywood's recent fallout with sexual allegations, and I understand how some people can be worn out by it. That said, it's important to hear what people in the industry who are willing to talk about it have to say, and this particular interview with Sean Astin really hit home with me. Below, Sean talked about his friendship with Corey Feldman, his time growing up in Hollywood, and lots of other stuff in general.

Check out his experience below, and how he feels about all the stuff that's happening in Hollywood. I particularly liked the part where he talked about being with Corey on the set of Goonies...it's really crazy just how much they let him get away with. 

The Voice Of Frieza In DRAGON BALL Z Needs Our Help

Some of you may not know Christopher Ayres by name, but you've probably heard his work. While he's typically known as the voice of villain Frieza in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, Ayres has had a hand in voicing several other anime dubs you likely know and love. Now, he needs our help.

Ayres has been diagnosed with end-stage COPD and requires a double lung transplant in order to survive as well as two additional surgeries. A fundraiser has been started and supported in his name to help for the cost of the medical procedure, which comes out to around $25,000. Many other DBZ actors have shared this cause to help Ayres out, and since we're all big fans here at GeekTyrant, we wanted to join in as well. 

If you'd like to donate to Chris's fund, be sure to go here. Donations have already exceeded $16,000, so it's possible we could reach this fundraising goal before the end of next week if we spread the word! Any little bit helps so do what you can!

WD 1TB SSD & 1TB SSHD Review: The Results Were Surprising

The further we get into the eighth generation of gaming, the larger games seem to get. Back in 2013, when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One originally launched, they included relatively small 500 GB hard drives that could be filled up with just a few games. Since then, new models of each console have been released that include more storage, but load times have been an ever-increasing problem.

With the rise of 4K gaming looming upon us and the increasing size of game installs and load times, gamers are looking for ways to get better performance out of their consoles. Our friends at Western Digital have provided us with two such options to test for you, a 1 TB WD Blue Solid State Hybrid Drive and a 1 TB WD Blue Solid State Drive. 

Specs & Comparison

While these drives would primarily be used as a replacement for the PS4’s internal hard drive, they can also be used externally on both the PS4 and Xbox One with the use of a Sata to USB 3.0 adapter. I will be testing out both drives, internally and externally, compared to the stock drives that come with a PS4 and Xbox One.  For these tests I will be using a few different games for each system and performing the noted loads four times and calculating the average time. As a note on the performance of Solid State Hybrid drives, they build up a cache of most used files into their Solid State partition to allow faster loading of that data. Each test involving the Hybrid drive is ran 8 times with the last four times being averaged.

Uncharted 4 (PS4)

Initial Load

Stock HDD                         WD Blue SSHD                WD Blue SSD

0:28                                    0:29                                   0:20

WD MyPassport (Ext)       WD Blue SSHD (Ext)       WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:27                                    0:31                                   0:20

New Game Load

Stock HDD                       WD Blue SSHD                 WD Blue SSD 

0:35                                  0:42                                    0:34         

WD MyPassport (Ext)     WD Blue SSHD (Ext)        WD Blue SSD (Ext)        

0:38                                  0:35                                    0:34

Uncharted 4 provided interesting results. While the SSD was faster than the stock PS4 HDD, it wasn’t by a significant margin. Even stranger was that the SSHD ran slower than the stock HDD. Utilizing the USB 3.0 ports on the PS4 should also have theoretically provided better performance than the internal Sata 2 connection. Thankfully, the SSHD did perform better on USB than internally.

The Witcher 3 (PS4)

Loading a new game save

Stock HDD                            WD Blue SSHD                   WD Blue SSD

0:24                                       0:29                                     0:15

WD MyPassport (Ext)          WD Blue SSHD (Ext)          WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:26                                       0:26                                      0:15

Once again we see the SSHD take a hit when it is used inside the PS4. The SSD however, chugs out the same performance regardless of how it is used.

Street Fighter V (PS4)

Loading a fight

Stock HDD                            WD Blue SSHD                   WD Blue SSD

0:18                                        0:15                                     0:14

WD MyPassport (Ext)          WD Blue SSHD (Ext)          WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:17                                        0:33                                     0:14

Street Fighter V shows the results I was expecting to see from my two prior test games. Each drive lowers loads over that of the stock PS4 HDD. This is also the first test that had the SSHD perform better internally than over USB.

Halo 5 (Xbox One)

Initial Load

Stock HDD WD                        MyPassport (Ext)

0:45                                          0:41

WD Blue SSHD (Ext)              WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:32                                          0:33

Level Load

Stock HDD                             WD MyPassport (Ext)

0:29                                         0:25

WD Blue SSHD (Ext)            WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:18                                        0:14

Halo 5 outputs the exact results I would expect from a hard drive benchmark test. Hooking up any external drive instantly provides a slight performance boost and each tier only makes it quicker.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One)

Initial Load

Stock HDD                             WD MyPassport (Ext)

0:28                                        0:27

WD Blue SSHD (Ext)            WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:24                                        0:21

Save game load

Stock HDD                             WD MyPassport (Ext)

0:25                                        0:24

WD Blue SSHD (Ext)            WD Blue SSD (Ext)

0:12                                        0:17

Rise of the Tomb Raider also benefits from external storage. This time around the SSHD came out on top in the average times.

If you are determined to get the fastest loads no matter what for your console of choice, the WD Blue SSD won’t let you down. I personally can not recommend doing this for a console though.  With the high price of a higher capacity SSD, the minor performance gains just cant justify the expense.


For gamers truly looking for a mix of price to performance, a WD Blue SSHD will be the best bet at a much more affordable cost. However, WD no longer carries these SATA SSHD's anymore, so you might consider getting the WD Blue Desktop SSHD and using the adapter for a similar result. Regardless of which option you choose, I would highly recommend running each drive off a SATA to USB adapter. Since performance is generally only improved over USB, this will save PS4 owners the trouble of having to reinstall their system OS.  It also allows each drive to be used on an Xbox One. What do you think of these results? Did any of them surprise you? Leave a comment below!


Amazon Affiliate Links: SATA-USB 3.0 Adapter , 1TB SSD , 1TB SSHD